Lashonda Love

Magazine Overlord/Executive Director

Lashonda is a musician, writer, and creative born and raised in Columbus, Ohio and currently based in Central Ohio. Aside from running UnBound and working on creative projects, she works with Kaleidoscope Youth Center as the Ohio GSA Network Coordinator. She also teaches yoga classes in-person, online, and through YouTube. Among being obsessed with her pets, plants, astrophysics, and burlesque shows, her favorite thing in the world is laying on the couch and playing video games.

Anne Mills

Editing Warlord/Assistant Director

Anne is a young, independent woman who is new to Columbus, Ohio. Born a writer, Anne’s voice has always been more powerful via written word than it is spoken. She is excited to join the Unbound team, as it allows her to express herself and contribute to a project she believes in. Anne enjoys frequenting coffee shops, baking, and exploring cool places with her friends in her spare time.

Enkfi Saviero

Witch of the Adobe Suite/Publishing Lead

Enkfi is a 23 year old artist from Melbourne, Australia. An aggressive advocate for social justice, they spend their not-free-time (aside from working on UnBound) studying BIPOC history from around the world, especially Indigenous history and the history of injustice in their home of So-Called-Australia, expanding their knowledge as the budding anthropologist they are. They spend their free time cooking, getting lost in Tolkien novels, making visual art ranging from digital to oil-on-canvas to pencils on paper, and making best friends with their Animal Crossing villagers.

Astraea Ashe

Legendary Pokemon/Administrative Assistant

Astraea did not give us a bio. She is determined to remain an enigma to the public.

Erin Ricketts

Shield Maiden/Administrative Assistant

Erin is a 24-year-old queer feminist chick from Columbus, Ohio. Her goals are to become a jack of all trades, live a life dedicated to human rights advocacy, and one day have a home full of pets and plants. Erin enjoys writing, gardening, cooking, getting high and letting her mind wander, nature walks, playing D&D, and occasionally churning out something artistic.

Heather Johnson

Pied Piper/Social Media Director

Originally from Portland, Oregon, Heather currently lives  with her two cats, Franklin and Presley, and teaches middle school in Memphis, Tennessee. She is an advocate, ally, and activist for POC, LGBTQ+, and feminist movements and communities and a frequent contributor to UnBound Zine.

Lexie Dungan

Lizard Wrangler/Art Lead

Lexie is a queer, radically feminist artist based in Columbus, Ohio. Her work includes paintings, comics, animation, photography, and physical installations among many other projects. Some of her current projects include collaboration on a mixed-media fantasy novel as well as collaboration on a story-telling project where she uses comics to represent interview experiences of people of color.

MJ Damsen

Lizard Person/Artist

MJ Damsen is an illustrator, printmaker, and all-around delightfully disgusting person. 

Born and raised in Columbus, they are equipped with a degree in Illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design (Class of 2019). Today you can catch them in their basement making jewelry and comics about gender, studying queer film, and playing Japanese Mafia games. 

They like collages, comics, and collecting evidence of bigfoot (for real, ask them to take you to the Mothman bunkers). 

They’d also like to issue a formal apology to anyone who they’ve spent hours showing cat pictures to.

UnBound Team Members

Lashonda Love - Executive Director

Anne Mills - Assistant Director

Enkfi Saviero - Publishing Lead

Astraea Ashe - Administrative Assistant

Erin Ricketts - Administrative Assistant

Heather Johnson - Social Media Director

Lexie Dungan - Art Lead

MJ Damsen - Artist

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