Submission Guidelines

Submissions are OPEN for issue 7!

UnBound's One-Year Anniversary!

Deadline: October 16th, 2020

Issue 7 will be published on October 31st, 2020.

UnBound celebrates one year of existence this Halloween (October 31st). Our first ever issue was published on October 31, 2019, with a simple open call to any womyn, trans, and nonbinary creators who wanted to submit their art, photography, writing, or other works. 

That very first open call went live on and pulled in creators from around the world. What started as a team of a single, really dedicated and burnt out person has since transformed into a collective of seven team members and many, many collaborators and supporters. Our publication has weathered the dreaded 2020 and has spent more time in quarantine than out of it. We caught lightning with our issue 3 launch party, spread roots in our local community of Columbus, OH, gained over 500 followers between our Instagram and Facebook combined, and still find random “UnBound” stickers all over the place (it’s truly an infestation at this point). Our operation is small, but what we have here and in our community is larger than we could imagine. Still, we’ve only just begun.

The UnBound anniversary issue doesn’t have a strict, guiding theme. We want to extend an open call to you just like we did one year ago. All we ask is that you take the time to reflect on us, our mission, and yourselves. Reflect on the year behind us and around us: a global pandemic, the fiery uprising of the revolution for black lives, an upcoming US election after an administration hellbent on lies, oppression, and suppression.

Our little blurb has always been that we are a collective that aims to “provide a space for womyn, trans, and nonbinary individuals to share their creative works” especially as opposition to white/cismale gatekeeping in our creative communities. Where do you, or have you, fit into our collective? Most importantly, where do you want to go from here?

This isn’t a question of “have you collaborated with us before?”. It’s a question of “why are you here?”.

Why do you identify with this space or why do you want to contribute to it? 
What parts of your life brought you to this moment? 
Why share or create anything at all?

We will happily accept whatever you create for us and gift to us; we always do. However, our hope with this anniversary issue is that it digs deep and really comes back to what UnBound exists to do: share your voices and all of your snippets and imaginations of life as it is, has been, or could be. We want to emphasize that UnBound accepts academic writing, articles, poetry, fiction, illustrations, comics, photography, interviews, etc. You name it! We want it!

Pitch us your ideas or submit your fully crafted and complete works. If you have questions, concerns, or comments, please reach out to us at

Dimensions for visual art/images: our pages are 8.5 in x 11 in (W x H) and may appear in browsers as a 2-page spread (17in W x 11in H - landscape). Please limit to no more than 8-10 smaller works or no more than 4 full-page works. If you DO NOT like white space around you works or having edges cut off, PLEASE adhere to these dimensions or we will use our best designing eyes to determine the page layout of your works.

Written submissions: please limit to no more than 2000 words for fiction and no more than 4 poems. We also accept nonfiction and articles of higher word counts on a case-by-case basis. If your written work will exceed this limitation (such as short stories or novel excerpts) please consider submitting your work as a series, a link on our resources page, or reach out to us at

We currently accept LIMITED submissions from cismen (individuals assigned "male" at birth who also identify as "men"). You can be cool about this or you can complain about it. Doesn't change our policies.


There are two options for submissions to UnBound:


  2. Email


If you have a account and would like to collaborate on our project/network with the other creators on that platform, please head over to Daisie and request to collaborate here. Daisie is the birthplace of our project and we would love to add to and boost your projects/networks/portfolio there. (Realistically, this is a networking opportunity more than a submissions hub as we don't check the Daisie page as frequently as our email).​


Please send all submissions to with the subject line: "Zine Submission"

Or don't? Nobody seems to care about subject lines these days.

Each email should include:

  • The name you want featured next to your work, whether this is your legal first name/last name, a nickname, artist name, social media handle, or just a symbol like when Prince changed his name.

  • Your preferred gender pronouns (for example, should we call you "she/her", "he/him", "they/them", something else, or use no pronouns at all?)

  • The titles of all works you are submitting, what year they were created, and any other relevant information about each piece. If you don't send any identifying information, we will be forced to label your work with the dreaded "Untitled".

  • A short biography (3-5 sentences) that gives us info about you and any links to online portfolios or social media that you would like featured. The more people can cyberstalk you after this ordeal the better!

Content guidelines:

  • Content should at least loosely attempt to be on-theme for the issue you are submitting to. The theme can be found at the top of the Submissions page along with the deadline for submissions. You're a creative person, so just use the themes as guidelines. They aren't the end of the world.

  • Works that aren't clearly in line with the theme should include a short pitch convincing us of how this work ties in with our issue (we've all been a student trying to justify our paper topic when we clearly wrote it all in one coffee-fueled bender the night before. Just channel that).

  • racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, ableist, or other works targeting specific groups of people will not be accepted. If you will be using content that features slurs or other degrading words/imagery and you are not sure if it will be acceptable under our terms, don't hesitate to email with any questions. We understand artistic freedom and respect groups' rights to reclaim and repurpose words that have been meant to hurt and oppress them, but bigotry doesn't really pass the vibe check.

  • WHY DO WE HAVE TO SAY THIS: do NOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES email us artwork depicting abuse of a child or animals. We will permanently ban you and your works from ever appearing in our publication, blog, or social pages. Depending on the severity/content, we may also report you to the authorities.

All written works will be subject to editing/proofreading. If your writing is illegible, contains majority errors, or would strain our editing calendar, we reserve the right to deny your submission or request that you regroup for the next issue (we make exceptions for language barriers/if English is not your first language just let us know!). However, if you disagree vehemently with any edits made, you may opt-out of the submission process at any time. We will only kind of take it personally.

Upcoming Issues and Submissions Deadlines:


Visit our Submissions tab for more information on submitting to UnBound

Issue 7 - Open Call/1 Year Anniversary - October 2020

Deadline: October 16, 2020

Issue 8  - Death/Rebirth - January 2021

Deadline: January 1, 2021

Issue 9 - Awakening - April 2021

Deadline: April 1st, 2021

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